Therapy Dogs

Over the last thirty years, more and more evidence has shown that the presence of a trained therapeutic pet in a hospital, nursing home or health care office has promoted the health, welfare, and healing of patients.  I believe in the healing power of animals and have worked with a therapy dog since 1986.

Throughout the years I have had three therapy dogs to assist in my practice.



Chauncey (1986-1998), an apricot poodle, was the first of my four-footed assistants.  He helped "dig up" new ground as one of the first canines used in therapy in a clinical office setting. Chauncey was an exceptional companion to me and those who came to the office. 




Anna (American Kennel Club registered name Freewyn’s Freudian Slippe), a brown poodle, followed in Chauncey’s paws steps and was with me from 1998-2009.  Anna received the Canine Good Citizen Award (CGC) from the American Kennel Club and besides working together in the office, we visited patients in various health care facilities in San Antonio.

My current companion is Grace, an apricot/white poodle who came to me through Poodle Rescue of San Antonio in January of 2010.  Her first four months of life were challenging to say the least but now she is blossoming into a wonderfully vibrant therapy dog.  

Grace is usually in the office with me but if you find the presence of a therapy dog to be disturbing or distracting, please inform me and arrangements can be made for my “assistant” to be given some time off from work during your appointment.




“I wish to know myself well as free and whole and to celebrate my life as one of God's incredible gifts to the world."